Discover our Entrepreneurial Spirits Erasmus + Project

About the project

The project aims to bring together students from different European from different European areas and have them learn from one another and work collaboratively to reach common goals. We think that entrepreneurship must be taught in schools at a basic level, for Ss to grow the sense of initiative and develop their skills in identifying areas where they could activate later. Equipping students with such skills and cultivating their entrepreneurship skills in these periods of economic transition and uncertainty would help in the long run, particularly as many schools are located in low-income areas where economic growth is a desperate necessity.

One of the eight life long learning core competences outlined by the Recommendation 2006/962/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 18 December 2006, is the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

About the mobilities

DEC ’21


Start-Ups and financial management

MAY ’22


Entrepeneurial skills and competences

NOV ’22


Start-Up ideas inspired from all over Europe

FEB ’23


Start-Ups and Advertising

APR ’23


Launching online companies

MAY ’23


5 Euro Challenge Plan

Erasmus Goals

  • Develop students’ sense of entrepreneurship and initiative.
  • Develop students’ capacity to identify and evaluate opportunities from the EU phase.
  • To promote the values of European cultural diversity.
  • Enable students to collaborate and cooperate in multicultural teams.
  • To develop students’ language and communication skills.
  • To enable students to acquire basic knowledge of entrepreneurship.
  •  To offer students the opportunity to practice launching a start-up.
  • Develop students’ creativity along with critical thinking skills.
  • Approve the establishment of different partnerships and connections with various local entrepreneurs.
  • Provide students with the ability and knowledge to differentiate between different forms of entrepreneurship